Dental Care

Dental Disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. The most common dental problems in cats and dogs are gingivitis which is an inflammation of the gums caused by the accumulation of plaque which can develop into periodontal disease, fractured teeth and tooth resorption.

Taking care of your pet’s teeth is an important part of making sure they live a long healthy life. Did you know that brushing your pet’s teeth daily or at least 3 times weekly can increase their life expectancy by years? Your pet’s teeth are graded on a scale of 0-4, 4 being the worst.

Our entire team at Otterkill is dedicated to educating you and providing your animal companion with the best care. Our doctors will grade your pet’s dental health during an examination and often recommend a dental prophylaxis be performed. A dental prophylaxis is a procedure performed that includes oral hygiene care, a complete oral examination, and techniques to prevent disease and remove plaque and calculus from the teeth above and beneath the gum line. Our practice has all the appropriate tools, including digital dental radiography which helps us in detecting issues before they cause pain or discomfort for your animal companion.

Being dedicated to your pet’s oral health is just another step in providing you with all the tools needed to give your pet a long and healthy life. As always do not hesitate to ask staff any questions. We are here to help.