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Rebecca Angley, LVT

Practice Manager, Licensed Veterinary Technician
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Educational Background:

  • Bachelor's of Science in Biology from St. Lawrence University (2004)
  • Associates in Veterinary Technology from AAHA DEVTP (2010)

What made you want to work at an animal hospital? I knew from a very early age that I wanted to work with animals because they are so innocent and pure in their motivations. I have always been fascinated by their simple yet complex methods of communication. I have dedicated my life to learning how to understand them and try to “talk back”.

What is your hope with every patient you see? I want my patients to know that I am here to help them. I don’t want them to fear visiting Otterkill, but enjoy coming here. I want to ease the pain of any sick patients and try to help them in the least scary way possible.

Who makes up your family at home? I live with my boyfriend and his daughter. We have three cats. Gizmo is our old tuxedo lady. Gir I rescued as a kitten and he's a gorgeous long haired black boy. Gadget just joined the gang in 2023, and she's a tortoiseshell jumping bean.

Do you have a mantra or philosophy that you try to live by?  Growing up camping a lot, I was always taught "leave it better than you found it". I think that can apply to so much more in life. Always try to do my best to leave this world, or things I borrow, or the patients I see a little better than how I received them.

“I love to be a part of the Otterkill Family because…” These people are my family. We have been a part of each other’s ups and downs and major life events. We all love animals, and we also love medicine. We strive every day to do the best medicine we can for all our patients.

  • St. Lawrence University University Canton, NY 2004