Reproductive Services

Unlike many veterinary practices, we at Otterkill enjoy working with breeders and their dogs. Our entire staff is dedicated to encouraging responsible reproductive services. We believe that breeding should only be done to improve a breed. Our animal health care team has extensive experience and training with all aspects of canine and feline breeding. Breeders travel extensive distances to utilize our services and we are proud to have maintained the health and breeding status of some of the country’s top show and working dogs. We understand that each breed has specific characteristics and requirements. We also understand that experienced breeders are often able to keep more specifically informed on their breed than we can always be. We welcome your education and are sure you’ll welcome ours.

Reproductive Services we offer at Otterkill:

Fertility testing.
Male and Female Soundness Exams
Semen evaluation

Pre-breeding counseling and genetic/phenotypic assessment.
OFA Radiographs
DNA Testing
OFA Thyroid, Cardiac and Luxating Patella Certification
Genetic Counseling

Ovulation timing to optimize conception rates and litter size
Progesterone Testing
LH Testing
Vaginal Cytology

Breeding Assistance
Artificial Insemination – Vaginal and Surgical
Chilled Semen Insemination
Chilled Semen Collection, Preparation and Shipping
Certified through the Synbiotics Chilled Semen Veterinary Network

Pregnancy Determination
Ultrasound evaluation – Day 21 onward
Relaxin blood testing – Day 28 onward
Radiographs for fetal counts and health – Day 45 onward
Palpation and examination

Whelping assistance
Counseling and physical assistance when needed
Veterinary Liaison for Whelpwise
Ultrasound evaluation for fetal distress
Caesarian section

Post-whelping assistance
Dam and puppy examination
Genetic Counseling
Cosmetic puppy surgery
Health exams and veterinary certification for puppies prior to placement