Care of Wildlife


It is important to know that in New York State it is illegal for any person that is not a licensed wildlife rehabilitator or a permitted program to keep wildlife of any kind! Any veterinarian can treat injured wildlife but only licensed wildlife rehabilitators are allowed to house and rehabilitate them.


Dr. Chaffer is licensed New York State Wildlife Rehabilitators. We are only able to take sick or injured wildlife and are not able to take orphans. Please do not take any orphan wildlife into your home as a pet. Not only is it illegal but these animals can be dangerous to all members of the family.


“If you care, leave them there.”


Please feel free to call the office for a local wildlife rehabilitator’s number or go to:



Visit the Department of Environmental Conservation’s website at:



What to do if you find orphan or injured wildlife:




** The following information has been compiled from www.vin.com (the veterinary information network) and from zoological education network**