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Laney Rickli

Kennel Attendant
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Educational Background: High School, OU BOCES Animal Science (Vet Assistance)

What made you want to work at an animal hospital? I have always known that I wanted to work with animals for a career. Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to help every animal that I come across.

What is your hope with every patient you see? That they can live their lives completely and to the best, and that their owners love them dearly.

Who makes up your family at home? My parents and brother, Beth, Guy, and Mason. My dogs and cat, Stella, Meeka, Leon, and Kerra. My leopard gecko, Ino, and my 16 chickens.

Do you have a mantra or philosophy that you try to live by? You only live once, which can mean either living a cautious life, or living a dangerous life

“I love to be a part of the Otterkill Family because…” I get to work with people that are extremely nice, and along with that, people who care about their career in the animal industry